Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Ties

Ok, I'm finally getting back to this lol. Sorry for being away.
Curtis is still enjoying Washington. He says that it's beautiful and he misses everyone deeply. He has recently bravely fought a spider to write to me lol. Apparently for Lunchbox's birthday, I gave the perfect birthday message so that made me feel happy =). For Mama and Papa, thank you for getting me through the bad advice that one married mormon girl gave me at American Dance Festival because Curtis was gonna give me advice and then he said that you guys covered it lol. Also, he said that he wants us to be like you two as well (and it made his day when I said that to him in a letter). Bike riding is still a challenge for him but he can ride it, just not in a straight line just yet.

By the way, when he sends me pictures, I'll put them on Facebook and I'll try to put them on here too.

For Mama, thank you for everything! Curtis put in the letter what you said about me and I felt so overwhelmed with warm emotions when I read it. I must say that ever since day one coming into the Degraw household, I have felt like family. I know that it will continue as well (also can't wait for it to become official hehe <3).

Curtis is meeting a lot of new and nice people to help and teach. There has been a person that has asked to be baptized and she is going to get Curtis a new tie for her baptism. The next day the same girl asked for Curtis to be the one to baptize her (this made me very proud of my man).

So that's it for the most part, because I'm sure you don't want me to bog you down with all of the mushy stuff that he sends me (even though I adore it and melt in my chair everytime I read it <3).


  1. Thanks for updating, Ashton! We're getting settled here in MO, but things are still a bit crazy to write much. Always remember that Curtis loves you! We also can't wait until the addition to the family is official. :)

  2. What Mama said.

    (See, I can be concise if I REALLY want to.) *grin*

  3. hahaha, only when you are not asked a question. hehe *wink*

  4. Yeah, there is that.

    *lowers head in abject shame*