Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Road Again...

For Curtis's birthday, I sent a box that he could keep my letters in, white cheddar popcorn (because that's our favorite), cookies, and a nerds rope (to make up for the time I didn't really let him have any of mine lol). He responded by saying he loved the present. He left the MTC, even though he thought it was amazing the whole entire time, on 14th at about 5 am so he's officially at his Washington residence now and if you want to send anything to him it should go to the Everett address.

I'm trying to make this so that it's an update for everyone and not all about me but I can't help this one part ^_^. He said that his insomnia was acting up lately and he's glad that he has an extra pillow to hold in his arms while he sleeps because I'm the only cure for his inability to sleep (it gets better, or at least to me it does). He's never had a problem sleeping next to me unless it was because he didn't want to fall asleep and he misses falling asleep with me in his arms and waking up with me being the first thing he feels and sees. Yes, it's true. I love this kid ^_^.

I couldn't help that hehe. He misses WoW like crazy because he's always asking about my character and he met a sister missionary that's going to South Carolina so I might be meeting/ talking to her.


  1. I'm almost as happy that he will not be involved in WofW as I am about his actual mission. *GRIN*

    Thanks for the update. We mailed a letter to him yesterday from the Post Office here in Canton, MO - our first official mail from our new home town.

  2. Yay for mail! hope the unpacking is going well.